Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Planes, Trains and Automobiles - Yoga on the Go!

Tomorrow we leave for the sunshine state. And as I'm mentally prepping for sand, sun and fun I'm still physically prepping (read: packing) as well. The b-man (my pup) is ready for camp and his stuff is all packed in my car. After dropping him off I'm treating myself to a much needed mani/pedi and then finishing up some last minute running around before my yoga class tonight.

This, coupled with the normal stress that comes from traveling, is making it hard for me to stay grounded. So here's a little sequence I indulge in to help keep me centered:

Start in your mountain pose. Spread your toes and root down through all four corners of your feet. Hug the thighs in creating a secure connection to the ground. Inhale and lift through the torso, creating space within your upper body. Roll the shoulders back and open up the heart center. Relax hands at sides.

Sweep your left hand up to the sky and reach it over your head to the right side creating a fabulous stretch along the left side of your body. Repeat on the other side.

Inhale and sweep both arms overhead, connecting the palms together and looking up at the sky. Exhale and fold over into a gentle forward bend. Allow the neck to relax and release all tension. If you can reach the floor, then go ahead and relax your hands down on the ground. If they don't reach, go ahead and cross the arms bringing each hand to the opposite elbow and continue to relax into your forward bend.

Once you're seated (whether on a plane, train, or in a car) take a moment to ground and connect to your surroundings. Then, sitting up straight, take both hands to the right armrest of your chair. Gently inhale lengthening your torso. As you exhale, turn the torso to the right using your hands on the armrest to gently guide you into a spinal stretch. Repeat on the opposite side.

Next, gently lift one leg and hug the knee into the chest, but keep the torso lengthened and allow the spine to remain straight. Again, repeat on other side - we always want to stay balanced!

Finish with some gentle neck and shoulder rolls before relaxing comfortably and enjoy your trip!

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