Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally Feeling Like Spring!

Finally woke up to warm weather and sunshine. It's been quite a dreary New York winter and spring started out pretty dismal as well. I'll admit, it was getting me down. But I finally see the light at the end of the cold weather tunnel with this beautiful sunshine. My yoga practice has also been experiencing a change of pace... nice weather energizes me and thus energizes my practice. I've also gone back to some heart pumping workouts (which is another love of mine!) and all of this activity makes me a happy girl! Ah, Spring... how I've missed you.

If you're lucky to have warm weather year-round, or if like me the sun is just starting to poke its head out from the clouds, take advantage! Indulge in a long walk, open up the blinds and do sun salutations in the sunshine, whip up a fruit smoothie and drink it outside while reading a book or magazine... the winter blues hit me hard this year and I'm ready to shake it off and get a jump start on the summer.

And today is officially the two week mark until my vacation to boot! A fabulously relaxing long weekend in Florida complete with spa trips, beach lounging and hiking in the local parks.

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