Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yoga Geek In Training?

Found this cute list on a fabulous blog I like to follow - Write-On Yoga. The blogger, Melissa Garvey, provided this checklist on how to know if you're a yoga geek:

  • You take pictures of your pets and/or children striking yoga poses.
  • There are dirty footprints on your walls.
  • You know words in Sanskrit that you can’t remember how to say in Spanish.
  • You use a neti pot.
  • You videotape yourself practicing yoga.
  • You dream about yoga.
  • You’ve convinced your partner that the most practical thing to do with the spare bedroom is to turn it into a yoga room.
  • You have a special bookshelf designated for your collection of yoga books.
  • You pack yoga props for business trips and vacations.
  • You’re considering a yoga conference or a meditation retreat for your next vacation.
  • You spend enough time on to qualify as a part-time job.
  • You do arm balances at dinner parties.
  • Your teacher has a worn-out yoga mat and a copy of Light on Yoga that’s losing its binding, and you think it’s cool.
  • No one ever seems to want to carry on a conversation about yoga for as long as you do.
  • Your girlfriends ask you how your husband feels about all the yoga stuff you do.

So? Are you a certified yoga geek? I definitely checked "yes" to quite a few of those (especially the one about always wanting to talk about yoga longer than anyone else, for proof of this just ask hubby p...whoops!)

check out for clever and funny musings on Melissa's adventures with yoga.

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